BLACK PLAGUE Brewing represents the misfits, renegades, underdogs, rebels, rule-breakers, nonconformists, hustlers, D-I-Yers, and all those who strive to be better, stand out from the crowd, and follow their true passion. Our mission is to provide deliciously fresh hand-crafted beer that emboldens a community around collaboration and inspiring creative self-expression – reminding us that death is certain, so we must live life to the fullest.


Sketchy Tank x Black Plague

We worked with local Oceanside legend, Sketchy Tank, to enhance the vibe in our taproom with a large mural. Grab a tee and spread the message #BeerMakesFriends.

Tony Hawk x Black Plague

Birdhouse x Tony Hawk teamed up with BLACK PLAGUE to design and create an amazing craft beer along with a limited edition skate deck and apparel release. 

Nyjah Huston x Black Plague

Teaming up with Nyjah Huston to create a collection that embodies being the best of the best.

Plague Doctor History

The Dark Ages were a time of upheaval marked by the death of culture, science, and the arts. Much of the world’s written history and greatest advancements were lost after the fall of the Roman Empire. Without the knowledge and technology to fight death and disease, society began to crumble under the chaos of a global pandemic.

It would be centuries before a hero would emerge to help rebuild what was lost. The Plague Doctor arose as a means to combat the struggle for survival and give hope to communities that life could be better. At BLACK PLAGUE, we believe that the Plague Doctor represents a sign of new hope and community.

Our store

2550 Jason Court
Oceanside, CA, 92056 USA